Emily Ayscue Hassel

EMILY AYSCUE HASSEL is Co-Director of Public Impact. She provides thought leadership and oversight to Public Impact’s work on teacher and leader policy, organizational change, parental choice of schools, and emerging opportunities for dramatic improvement in pre–K to grade 12 education. Ms. Hassel is leading Public Impact’s effort to develop and refine school and staffing models for reaching more students with excellent teachers. Her work has appeared in Education Week, Education Next, and other publications; she blogs for Education Next and is a frequent guest blogger on other forums, such as Education Week. Ms. Hassel was named to the inaugural class of the Aspen Teacher Leader Fellows program, designed to cultivate and support teacher leaders who are working to improve the teaching profession and student outcomes. She was previously a consultant and manager for the Hay Group, a leading human resources consulting firm. Ms. Hassel received her law and master in business administration degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she served on the North Carolina Law Review.

Example projects: As part of Public Impact’s effort to develop and refine school and staffing models for reaching more students with excellent teachers, Ms. Hassel co-authored 3X for All: Extending the Reach of Education’s BestOpportunity at the TopSeizing Opportunity at the Top: How the U.S. Can Reach Every Student with an Excellent Teacher Teacher Tenure ReformMeasuring Teacher and Leader Performance; “The Big U-Turn: How to bring schools from the brink of doom to stellar success” for Education Next; Try, Try Again: How to Triple the Number of Fixed Failing SchoolsImporting Leaders for School TurnaroundsGoing Exponential: Growing the Charter School Sector’s Best; the Public Impact series Competencies for Turnaround SuccessSchool Restructuring Under No Child Left Behind: What Works When?; and Improving Teaching Through Pay for Contribution for the National Governor’s Association. Other work includes Picky Parent Guide: Choose Your Child’s School with ConfidenceChoosing the Right Preschool eBook for TheSavvySource.com; and Learning Point Associates’ Professional Development: Learning from the Best, a toolkit for education leaders on designing and implementing effective professional development.

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