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Public Impact is a national education policy and management consulting firm based in Chapel Hill, N.C. Our mission is to dramatically improve learning outcomes for all children in the U.S., with a special focus on students who are not served well. We are a team of professionals from many backgrounds, including former teachers.

We conduct research to understand practices that lead to better outcomes, and we develop innovative solutions aimed at creating dramatic improvements for children. We apply our research and solutions by advising leading philanthropists, designing and implementing new initiatives for cutting-edge policy and education leaders, and advising other change agents in education reform. We partner with teachers and leaders to implement changes that will help the students they serve.

Currently, there are no open positions at Public Impact.  Please check back periodically.

Public Impact Employment Application

NOTE: At this time, it is our policy not to hire teachers from Opportunity Culture schools. Thank you for your understanding as we work in partnership with school and district leaders to support these schools.

Public Impact

Chapel Hill, NC
919-903-8649 fax

We encourage the free use, reproduction, and distribution of our materials, but we require attribution for all use. See here or contact us for more information.


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