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Public Impact encourages the free use, reproduction and distribution of all material on this website and works contained herein, unless otherwise noted on specific works, for noncommercial use. We require attribution for all use. At the least, you must include the copyright date followed by “Public Impact” on all pages where material from this website appears, in whole or in part, both direct quotes and paraphrased material.

Please follow these guidelines to use and adapt our documents and tools when needed.

1) When using any portion of a document previously published by Public Impact for materials to be used internally by an organization but not posted online or published, please include in a footnote on the same page as any such material:

  1. a copyright saying “©20XX by Public Impact and
  2. a citation that says,” Adapted from_(Full Title of Original Document), Public Impact (20XX).” with the year of initial publication. You may include (a) and (b) in the same footnote. Please clarify the sections of the document/text to which the footnote applies.

2) If a new document contains substantial portions of our previously published material and is to be adapted and published or posted on another website, email us for permission. Use of minor portions (a paragraph or less) of previously published material is acceptable, but does require a citation to the source on the same page or within the text.

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We hope that you will provide your Feedback (as defined below) so that we may better support, improve and pursue the work presented on this website or related work you may have seen elsewhere. However, you agree that you will not supply Feedback that infringes or violates the rights of others, and you hereby grant a License to Public Impact (as defined below) in your Feedback. You agree that we have no obligation to pay you or anyone else for Feedback or for the License to us. “Feedback” means all remarks, data, suggestions, methods, surveys, reports, processes and ideas (including patentable ideas) and other content that you provide about the content of this website or related work whether provided to us or persons working with us, and whether provided through other fora.

As used above, “License to us” means a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to Public Impact to exercise all now or later existing intellectual property rights or other rights of yours or others in the Feedback, for purposes of supporting this project (as determined by us in our discretion from time to time) in full or in part and in all possible media (now known or later developed). The foregoing rights include (but are not limited to), the right to display, perform, read (on air or otherwise), and publish in public or private sites, newspapers or other media, brochures, reports and so on, all or part of the Feedback and any other information that you provide. The License to us is in addition to any (if any) that you may be required to provide under any separate agreement between us and you.

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We encourage the free use, reproduction, and distribution of our materials, but we require attribution for all use. See here or contact us for more information.


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