Our Areas of Work

At Public Impact, we devise and advance visionary but practical ideas about how to improve K–12 education. We work with innovative districts to expand the impact of great teachers and leaders; advise policymakers and bring them together with implementers to determine practical solutions; advise foundations on investment and support possibilities in education; help charter management organizations with evaluating and expanding the supply of high-quality charters; and work with child advocacy nonprofits and other reform-oriented leaders on implementing cutting-edge ideas to improve K-12 policy and management. We do the research, deep thinking, and tool creation to help educators, policymakers, and parents make dramatic improvements for all students. We’d like to talk about working with you—contact us!


With excellent teachers, students make about an extra half-year of progress every year—closing gaps fast and leaping ahead. New school models let these teachers extend their reach, for more pay, directly and by leading and developing peers on the job.

Teachers & Leaders

In schools, nothing matters more than the quality of the teachers and leaders. Our work in this area focuses on policies and approaches to recruiting, selecting, evaluating, developing, compensating, and retaining high-performing teachers and leaders.

School Funding

Getting the right amount of funding flowing to the highest impact uses: that is the goal of Public Impact’s finance work. K-12 education has fallen far short of putting money where the need is and where the public benefits are strongest.



Public Impact’s technology work focuses on giving all students access to excellent teaching and giving all teachers the tools to save time, plan instruction collaboratively, reach more students, and personalize instruction.

School Turnarounds

Thousands of schools nationwide are failing to educate enough of their students effectively and are missing state and federal performance benchmarks. Public Impact has surveyed this cross-sector experience to generate resources that help schools, districts, and others implement successful turnarounds.

Charter Schools

Charter schools are tuition-free, independently run public schools that operate free from many regulations imposed on district schools. In exchange, charter schools are held accountable for results. Public Impact has deep experience informing charter policy, strengthening charter authorizing, and devising strategies to help the sector succeed.