Daniela Doyle

DANIELA DOYLE is a senior consultant with Public Impact.  Her work addresses a wide range of education issues, including teacher quality, school finance, turnarounds, and redesigning school models and teachers’ roles to extend the reach of excellent teachers. Ms. Doyle co-authored Measuring Teacher Effectiveness: A Look “Under the Hood” of Teacher Evaluation Systems, which won the 2012 “Most Actionable Research” Eddies! award from the PIE Network. A former elementary school teacher, she is an alumna of Teach For America and Education Pioneers, a nonprofit bringing innovative leaders to education. She holds a bachelor’s degree in public policy from Princeton University, a master’s degree in science for teachers from Pace University, and a master’s degree in public policy from Duke University.

Example projects: Ms. Doyle is currently focusing on school finance reform at the state level, new and developing teacher evaluation systems, and an evaluation of two school turnaround programs. Other recent work includes research on funding parity between charter and district-run schools; research into charter facility funding; a review of charter schools in a Midwest state; and cross-sector and international research to improve performance management systems in public education.

Ms. Doyle has co-authored these recent publications: Measuring Teacher Effectiveness: A Look “Under the Hood” of Teacher Evaluation SystemsCreating Opportunity Schools: A Bold Plan to Transform Indianapolis Public Schools; Funding a Better Education: Conclusions from the First Three Years of Student-Based Budgeting in HartfordStudent-Based Budgeting: A Better Way to Fund Students and PerformanceDeveloping Education Talent Pipelines for Charter Schools: A Citywide Approach, for the National Charter School Resource Center;Developing City-Based Funding Strategies: Investments to Create a Robust Charter Sector, for the National Charter School Resource Center; Leading Approaches to Philanthropic Investment in the Charter Sector: A Scan of Four CitiesA Student-Based Funding Model for Washington, and Student-Based Budgeting: Revamping School Funding in Washington to Improve Performancefor Partnership for Learning; Performance Guarantees in Education: Shifting Risk to Create Opportunityfor the American Enterprise Institute; Charter School Funding: Inequity Persistsfor Ball State University; and The Tab: How Connecticut Can Fix its Dysfunctional Education Spending System to Reward Success, Incentivize Choice, and Boost Student Achievementfor ConnCAN.

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